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Product Care

717 Soap Co. takes pride in our handmade products.  Each product is formulated with you in mind.  We know you will enjoy our products as much as we do! 

Please take note to the following tips to get the most out of our products.


We know that harsh additives and chemicals are not good for your skin.  Therefore, we don't add them!  Our main ingredients in our soaps are oils, butters and distilled water. During the curing process, extra water evaporates from the soap leaving a harder bar.

Tips on how to use and store handmade soaps:

  • Allow your soap to completely dry out between uses.

  • A shower pouf or loofa will greatly increase lather.

  • Use a soap dish that allows water to drain away water from the soap.

  • Store your soap high and out of the direct shower stream.

  • Set your soap bar upright verses flat on its side; this increases surface area of your soap to air allowing the soap to dry faster.

  • Never leave your soap in a soap saver pouch/bag. These bags hold in moisture and ultimately will cause your soap to become mushy.

Cold Process Soap

All of our soaps are made using only the best ingredients. Our most common feedback from our customers is that they can’t believe how great our cold processed soaps make their skin feel. Our response is simple…it’s not what is in our soaps but, what ISN’T in our soaps.


Our soaps do not contain any harsh chemicals or chemical preservatives.  This process we use involves oils and butters added to a mixture of sodium hydroxide (known as lye) and distilled water.  When these ingredients are mixed together, the fatty acids of the oils and butters are broken down by the lye and causes a chemical reaction called saponification and there is no lye left in the final product. No lye…No saponification…No saponification…No Soap.


The FDA also agrees with us as well.  All soaps have gone through this same process.  We also add the highest quality butters and oils available. We may also add some fresh goats' milk or coconut milk for good measure depending upon the type of soap we are making.


Exfoliation? Yeah, we got that to…colloidal oatmeal, pumice, ground coffee and Himalayan salts have that covered.


We take great pride in delivering a high quality and well-diversified product line. Lightly fragranced, heavily fragranced and an entire line of outdoorsman’s soaps specifically geared towards the hunting community. If you don’t see what you're looking for DM or email us and we will do our best to meet and fulfill your request.

Soy/Coconut Wax Candles

  • The first burn should be long enough to allow a complete melt pool (wax that melts completely across the full diameter of your candle container)

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended

  • Place candle on a hard surface and away from all flammable materials

  • Keep cotton or wooden wicks trimmed after each use

  • Dispose of the candle when only ½ inch of wax remains.  Burning the wax completely out of the container will expose the glass container to excessive heat and can break the glass creating a fire risk

  • Never burn the candle for longer than 2 hours

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